We Must Make Stuff!

Our culture's narrow view of creativity leads many of us to think that we are actually not creative, when in fact we are all creative. We are creation itself and it’s all our nature to create. 

We are all makers. Maybe we make music, paintings, books, poems, jewelry, pottery. Maybe we dance. Maybe we are culinary artists. But creativity is not contained here, these channels for creativity are way too limiting. 

I love those avenues of creativity. I could spend all of my time immersed in these forms of creativity, either making these things myself or relishing what others have made. But this view of creativity is terribly limiting. Some of us make homes, families, dinners, memories (I’m a terrible memory maker btw). Some of us make gardens, we make vacations, weekend outings, event with friends, we create our look every day, what we wear and how we style our hair. My point is that we all have this creative spark within us and it’s our choice to use it or not use it, and further more, it’s our choice whether or not we create from (what Martha Beck would call) our societal self or our essential self. What our essential self wants to create is divine expression and is purely authentic. Those of us that are too enmeshed with our societal self will likely see ourselves as uncreative, or untalented. 

You must make stuff! Don’t think about it too much. Put your heart into everything you touch. That can be hard to do because culture can be mean and  judgmental and let's be honest, culture has been telling us since birth how we should be acting, talking, what we should be wearing, who we should love, and how we should love, so this whole process can feel kind of confusing and you may feel like you need to hire a coach or a midwife in order to create ANYTHING. 

It’s ok, though. You can learn all on your own, and sometimes that's the best way. It will only get easier as you practice. Maybe you start with eating a beautiful meal that you love regardless of what the latest diet trends are telling you to eat. Or maybe you just wear colors that you love even if they seem like “too much”. Maybe you take the new job that seems kind of crazy but also feels very right. Maybe you stop putting off starting a family because the timing doesn’t feel quite right. 

Whatever it is, take the leap, but don’t do it because you think it will save you. Do it for the thrill, for the pleasure. And if you commit to this regularly, you may be lucky enough to live your very own creative life on your very own terms. 

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Understanding Pluto in Your Birth Chart

Now that Pluto is direct we may be feeling clarity on what we need to let go of, and why holding on has disempowered us. 

Often when we want something so badly, we hold an iron grip on it. 

Pluto teaches us that this isn’t the path to renewal. 

With Pluto, the path to new life is often through destruction. We can NEVER take what we see at face value in these situations, as Pluto is about what is below the surface, what is hidden. This is where we really find what’s really driving our behavior, and this is also where we find our power. 

Pluto will show us where we are most unconscious and even self sabotaging, and so if we do not become aware of this part of ourselves, it will rule us. 

Pluto is a healer. Pluto is often a catalyst for letting go, through letting life take away what we never needed to begin with so new life can occur. 

Understanding Pluto in your birth chart is key in understanding your unconscious patterns, as well as where you can be a powerful catalyst for change in your own life. 

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I look forward to exploring Pluto in your birth chart with you!

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The New Moon in Virgo

Virgo is not fancy, but polished. 

Virgo is rarely bold, but always efficient and effective. 

Virgo is about working hard simply for hard work's sake. 

Virgo is here to remove the impurities from all of our systems. 

Virgo's power is in discernment. 

When we are unable to discern effectively in our lives, Virgo will politely try to show us that it's time reexamine our day-to-day. It's time to iron out the details of the most mundane aspects of our lives so we can see how we can arrive at greater clarity. Virgo teaches us that when we own the details, we are not bogged down by them. 

This clarity we may arrive at is similar to purity. Purity is not about green juice or a minimalist black and white wardrobe or atoning for all of our wrong doings - it's about seeing ourselves clearly, without all of the conditioning. It's about seeing a pure vision of ourselves: what we are here to offer, and how we experience joy. 

This is our work, and it may be our most important work. While the "hard worker" ribbon is usually awarded to Capricorn we easily forget about dutiful Virgo, toiling away behind the scenes with no care about rising in the ranks of career and with no desire to dirty their hands (but no fear of it either, provided there is some clean water and good soap to scrub them clean with afterwards, and lotion to moisturize!). Virgo is interested in hard work simply for the satisfaction and peace that comes with the result of a job well done, a job that is done in the spirit of service. 

Work done in the spirit of service is what gets us our of our heads and away from perfectionism- a shadow expression of Virgo that gets way too much attention in the astrology world. 

At it's best, Virgo will bring us into our bodies with a sense of ease - with all systems in our lives functioning seamlessly, efficiently, and helpfully. 

Virgo will bring us to our knees in our gardens, in the forest, at the beach. As the second earth sign in the zodiac, nature is medicine for Virgo, even as we approach the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. While Taurus is deemed the earth goddess, the earth goddess is within Virgo as well. During Virgo season we see the die off of summer into autumn, and if we chose to, we can appreciate nature even more deeply by seeing the exquisite perfection of it's expression in all phases, and the seamlessness of her seasonal changes. 

Understanding the house that Virgo rules in your birth chart will help you understand how this energy is expressing itself within you and in your life. 

Happy New Moon in Virgo! 

With Love, 

Oh So Retrograde

Tomorrow Mercury Retrograde is over, but it won't actually start moving forward until Wednesday. And Mercury always take a little bit of time to pick up speed. 

So many planets are retrograde that it actually makes more sense to just talk about the planets that are NOT retrograde, which are Venus, and Jupiter. 

So that means that Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and even Chiron are all retrograde right now. I am just moving out of a period of NOT writing. Like at all. I really haven't written much of anything for about a month. Not even in a journal. 

I saw somewhere online a couple weeks ago that August is the Sunday of the year. I think this is true for late July into late August (aka, Leo season), and I think this makes sense seasonally and astrologically (it all kind of goes together). I felt like I need to just pull back, quiet down, and rest. A lot of this was the result of noticing that I felt really weird when I was writing. I didn't feel like myself. Usually, writing is when I feel MOST like myself. 

Writing is such an exciting, energizing thing for me, especially in a blogging format. But I feel as though whenever something feels so powerful to you, you risk losing yourself to it because it almost has a life of it's own. I felt like I was kind of losing my sense of self or I wasn't really in tune with my voice in my writing. It was time for a shift, and with all I have going on in my personal life right now, which nothing bad or even particularly stressful, just normal mom and family things, I had to take a big step back. 

It's more than just the writing. I write about astrology because I find it healing. And I think a lot of us who are drawn to astrology, to wellness, to anything in the healing arts or that is holistic in nature, is going through a personal healing that often requires that we step back from the real world as much as possible while we integrate new ideas and solidify them into beliefs that really change the structure of our lives. I feel that anyone who is committed to growth has to do this. This time of quiet and turning inward is part of all cycles. In nature, it is winter. In a woman, it's the last week of her menstrual cycle. For the moon, it is the last week of the moon cycle, that last quarter moon into the dark moon phase. In gestation, it's any amount of time before new life emerges, and it's different for every mom and baby. This time of going within, and getting very quiet, and minimizing stimulation is part of every creative process. 

Retrograde periods usually symbolize some sort of revision, especially with Mercury retro. Sometimes we see things come up from the past and it means nothing. It's so fun to attach meaning to every little thing! But sometimes Mercury messes with you. Merc can be tricky like that. Sometimes Mercury retrogrades can be a popular time for the Universe to test you. I know I've had a few things come up with this retrograde period that I had to say NO MORE NO THANK YOU to. 

But with all of these other planets in retrograde, it's a bit trickier because we're looking a time of healing, of catharsis, of stalled progress that may feel super frustrating, but it's because we really require some big changes. 

I'm so excited for Virgo season because it's a time to purify. And Virgo rules my first house, so I like purification. It can be fun and super conducive to growth if you don't go crazy and have a healthy appreciation for where it is required and where it can streamline our efforts and make our lives a better reflection of who we truly are. 

This retrograde period has been so healing for me. I shared with a friend that I feel like in many ways I'm stitching myself back together. Eclipse season was pretty intense for me in a lot of ways, but mostly in that it was showing me where I'm going. It's helpful to remember that with eclipses and full moons and all the other fun occurrences in the sky don't mean that something is happening RIGHT NOW, but that something within us wants to be a little clearer, is ready to see a new truth, or integrate a new belief, or let something that is heavy and false fall away. When we trust ourselves we can see that we are the sky. As Chani Nicholas tweeted yesterday, "You are not a list of planets or signs. You are the whole damn sky." We are not separate from these occurrences, and I hope that my sharing is simply a reminder of how divine your earth experience is, and how magical our existence is, even when it feels heavy, mundane, or hard. 

We're always moving closer to our power, and our power is in acknowledging our divinity. 

Lots of Love, 


Today's Energy

Today the moon moved from Virgo, to Libra. It will oppose Chiron in Aries and square Saturn in Capricorn. 

These aspects can feel heavy, serious, even emotionally charged. A Libra moon is more mental and so it will be very easy to get wrapped up in thought today. 

Analyzing difficult situations until you're dizzy. 

Thinking back on past decisions. 

Regretting them. 

Not trusting your ability to make good decisions. 

Blaming yourself. 

I think that looking back serves a purpose as far as determining why you are in a current mindset or situation. But beyond that, I'm not convinced it's helpful. The truth is that where we are right now is the perfect place to make a choice, the littlest choice, that can facilitate growth and desirable changes in your life. Focusing on the past is a backward spiral. You're not the same person you were in the past, and so what worked back then won't work now. 

These eclipses are a portal. We're moving forward somehow and today's aspects are strongly felt so that we can feel into where we don't feel capable or worthy enough and how we've met limitations because of this, often self imposed limitations. 

And let's not forget that we are all connected. Energy doesn't exist in a vacuum and every decision we make and every decision every else makes effects our collective trajectory. We belong to each other but first we belong to ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves if we want to take care of others. We have to heal ourselves if we want to contribute to the healing of the planet. 

Nothing exists in a vacuum. We are all in this together. The Universe supports you, and desires your healing, and your fullest expression. 

The next eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius and it's one of the final eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle. When we shift to the Cancer-Capricorn cycle we will notice so much from the past coming back to remind us of how far we've come, so it's a good time to learn to take it in and let it go. I'm committing to moving onward, not drowning in my past regardless of whether I perceive it to be brighter or bleaker than the present. 

The Universe supports us, always. 

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Prayer and a Pisces Moon

Your relationship with the divine can look however you'd like it to.  

I fully believe in the power of prayer. But if that doesn't feel like your thing, why force it? 

You may be in a phase of life where you are more connected in a different way. Maybe you are best connected through music right now. Maybe journaling allows you to enter into a conversation with God more than prayer does. Maybe knitting or chopping vegetables makes you feel more connected than going to church. Maybe making things with your hands feels like a religious experience to you. And who is to say that these things aren't a form of prayer?

The biggest act of disservice I've ever done to myself is expect myself to do any one thing, every single day. Of course it's possible, but eventually I get bored. It's uninspired. It's overly ritualistic. It's heavy. 

So, there is no point to it. 

Personally, I feel most connected to the divine when I am honoring my process. My process is a reflection of the divine within me. As an astrologer, I see my process in my birth chart, as I am an expression of the universe as exactly as it was on a Saturday afternoon in May of 1983. When I can be totally fine with all of that, when I embrace it, I am connected most deeply to myself and to all that is. The fact that any of us ever think there is anything wrong with us only shows us how misguided we have been about love, life, and God. 

We don't have to do anything radical or devout and we certainly don't have to sacrifice in order to be spiritual and we definitely don't need to sacrifice in order to experience goodness in our lives. We are goodness. We experience goodness just by being able to spend time with ourselves without distraction or numbing out with self sabotaging behaviors. 

Today the moon is moving through the last degrees of Pisces, and a Pisces moon begs for connection to the divine. But don't romanticize it with images of what you've been taught spirituality should look like. It is unique to you, like all things. 

And we really need to see you, the real you. 

Showing up is all the universe is asking of you.

The Full Moon in Capricorn

Full moons are a time where we are typically more emotional and more prone to extremes. 

With a full moon in Capricorn, we want to be careful that we are not closing ourselves off. Capricorn is a sign that is very focused on a goal, quite ambitious - to the point that nothing gets in the way of that goal. Be extra aware today of any inclination you have to isolate yourself of close yourself off from the world. Sometimes we need that singled pointed focus, and sometimes we benefit from breaking up our routines a bit, especially when they are overly rigid. 

Capricorn is always a nice energy for exercise. It's a good day for moving matter. Provided you have some sort of method for grounding yourself after your workout, you will be be better off for it. 

A hard lesson with Capricorn can be the fact that we are students in this life and so we are always learning. With Cap there can be extremes that make full moon energy even more intense. We can be unforgiving with ourselves when Capricorn is involved, so tap into your inner mother and take good care of yourself and be understanding of where you are at right now. Don't expect perfection. Whichever house in your birth chart the full moon falls under will illustrate better for you how this full moon is expressing itself in your life. 

Be aware of feeling emotionally stuck today. The polarity between water and earth signs can result in this type of feeling and it can be difficult to move through that with a solid as steel Cap moon. 

Be mindful of your body and your stomach. Castor oil packs are a great idea for tonight. Stretch, sweat, and move if you can. Tune into any messages your body has for you. You will feel what you need to feel if you give yourself the opportunity for it. 

Lots of Love,


PS- Sorry for any typos or if this post seems kind of scattered. I'm writing this while my daughter sits on my lap and is pulling at me because she wants me to make a fort with her. Me trying to get my writing done while my child it literally pulling me away from it is a great example of the Cancer (the nurturer or mother) - Capricorn (work and career) polarity we are experiencing right now at this full moon.

Photo Credit: Anthony Guay

Being Seen

Cancer Season is here and marks the start of summer in the northern hemisphere. 

While Leo is the sign that is ruled by the Sun, Leo season is the middle of summer, while Cancer is the sign that ushers in Summer.

Cancer, the sign that is symbolized by the crab, is known for hiding in it's shell, scurrying back and forth (often) to avoid discomfort. As a water sign, Cancer is highly emotional, intuitive, and has moods that wax and wane as often as the moon herself, so the natural retreat for Cancer when it all becomes too much, is to go inside it's shell. Literally, this means you would just stay home, drink tea, eat comfort foods, and watch an old movie. You go in hiding. 

Everyone needs this sort of retreat sometimes, but summer begs us to shine. Summer is when the Sun is full force upon us, and it's a time where we can ask ourselves who we are when we are operating like the sun, shining full force, from a place of personal power. Looking at your Sun sign, it's house, and any aspects it makes in your birth chart can further illustrate how you shine best. 

How do we want to radiate? Who are we when in our power? 

Some of us may feel like there are two parts of ourselves: the person we are during the day and the person we are in private. This separation of all that is within us is often part of what makes us feel like we are longing for a life that looks differently than the life we are living. Today specifically, while the moon is in Scorpio, is a great time to look at the truth of who we are inside, and accept that we don't have to hide this for the sake of staying safe, or comfortable. 

Happy Summer! 



Venus Opposes Mars

Venus is opposing Mars in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. 

Whenever there is an opposition we're looking at the division of a circle. We all know opposites attract, but sometimes we forget how much alike opposites can be, too. 

With Leo and Aquarius there is a desire to feel special and to stand out. Venus in Leo says "Love me like I deserve to be loved." 
Mars in Aquarius says "I want us to to be in this together, we're a team." 

One way to reflect on this transit is to ask yourself where you are not being honored in your relationships, or where are you not honoring yourself in your own life? 

Are you accepting chaos and struggle just for the sake of not being alone? 

One of the hardest things to do with oppositional energy is to let go. Letting go may be one of the hardest things for us to do, period. We are so scared that if we let go of whatever little control we feel we have, we will fall apart, or break in half, or crumble into bits. 

This is also a time to look at our desires. Where are we being too impulsive and as a result, losing our sense of balance or peace? Take this with a grain of salt, because some of us simply are more impulsive, and make our best decisions when we follow our impulses. Astrology shows us so clearly that we don't all operate the same way, that we have different motivations, dreams, ambitions, and journeys. 

But still, we can also observe what we're going after and why we're going after it, and if our current motivations are really authentic to who we are and serving us in a way that won't leave us feeling empty. Ultimately, we all find some peace when we are able to create a life that reflects what is in our heart. This is my favorite expression of Leo. 

I know these past few weeks have been pretty full for a lot of us. So i'm praying that you all find some Venus in Leo peace and balance. Or maybe you'll just try a new color, or hair style, or super bold piece of jewelry that makes you look like the star that you are and brings you the adoration you deserve.

With Love,