Meet Marlena


It’s time to come home to who you are.

Throughout my life I always struggled with knowing who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I know this is typical in childhood and adolescence, but for me, it extended into my 30’s.

At age 36, I’m deeply grateful that I didn’t take traditional advice and instead, dove enthusiastically into all of the subjects that really speak to me.

I have been a school teacher, ranging from high school aged students to preschool, operated my own wellness center, and worked privately with clients as a nutritionist, astrologer, and coach. Currently, I teach at a Waldorf School, and I work privately with clients using astrology as a tool to help you see what is behind the struggles you face, as well as fully embrace your gifts and the opportunities available to you.

My greatest takeaway from working with people of all ages and all walks of life is that we need healthy, strong foundations in our life and our relationships to really thrive, and those foundations are completely unique to who we are as individuals.

The purpose of my blog is to guide you towards that vision you hold in your heart for your life. No matter how intense your struggle, your financial disasters, your broken heart, we can work together to see them all as opportunities to come into your power, finally trust yourself and give into what you truly want, deep down.

In short - I want to provide you with a gentle path towards absolute authenticity, love, power, and deep happiness. I want to show you how to come home to who you are.

My aim is always this: offering new ways to live and see your circumstances that bring more wholeness, peace, and power into your life.

If you’re interested in working with me 1:1, please click here to learn more about private sessions with me, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter where I frequently offer discounts and sales on sessions and packages!

Getting emails from you is always a treat for me; it’s really the highlight of this kind of work! I LOVE to hear from you whether I’m receiving your questions or listening to what’s on your heart right now. You may contact me here, and I will reply within 24 hours.

I look forward to staying connected with you, and being part of your journey home to who you are.

With Big Love & Faith,