Marlena Marie Torres  Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer,  & Teacher.

Marlena Marie Torres

Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer, & Teacher.

I share practical tools that help you move beyond limitations and align with the most authentic expression of who you truly are. My favorite way to do this is through self care and lifestyle improvement that is specific to your personal astrological energy! This is process is a profound way of stepping into your power by embracing who your worthiness.

We Must Make Stuff!

We Must Make Stuff!

Our culture's narrow view of creativity leads many of us to think that we are not creative, when in fact we are all creative. We are creation itself and it’s everyone’s nature to create. 

We are all makers. Maybe we make music, paintings, books, poems, jewelry, pottery. Maybe we dance. Maybe we are culinary artists. But creativity is not contained here, these channels for creativity are way too limiting. 

I love those avenues of creativity, I could spend all of my time immersed in them, either making things myself or relishing what others have made. But this view of creativity is terribly limiting. Some of us make homes, families, or nourishing dinners. Some of us make gardens, we make vacations, weekend outings, memorable events with friends. We create our look every day, and the mundane task of deciding what what to wear and how to style your hair is a creative act. My point is that we all have this creative spark within us and it’s our choice to use it or not use it, and further more, it’s our choice whether or not we create from what Martha Beck calls our societal self, or our essential self. What our essential self wants to create is divine expression and is purely authentic. Those of us that are too enmeshed with our societal self will likely see ourselves as uncreative, or untalented.

You must make stuff! Don’t think about it too much. Put your heart into everything you touch. That can be hard to do because culture can be mean and  judgmental and let's be honest, culture has been telling us since birth how we should be acting, talking, what we should be wearing, who we should love, and how we should love, so this whole process can feel kind of confusing and you may feel like you need to hire a coach or a midwife in order to create ANYTHING. 

It’s ok, though. You can learn all on your own, and sometimes that's the best way. It will only get easier as you practice. Maybe you start with eating a beautiful meal that you love regardless of what the latest diet trends are telling you to eat. Or maybe you just wear colors that you love even if they seem like “too much”. Maybe you take the new job that seems kind of crazy but also feels very right. Maybe you stop putting off starting a family because the timing doesn’t feel quite right. 

Whatever it is, take the leap, but don’t do it because you think it will save you. Do it for the thrill, for the pleasure. And if you commit to this regularly, you may be lucky enough to live your very own creative life on your very own terms. 

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Photo Credit: Amber Maxwell Boydell

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