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Getting Lucky: The Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius

Getting Lucky: The Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius

When the Sun moves right next to Jupiter, it’s considered the luckiest day of the year.

Jupiter has earned the title as the good luck planet because it’s nature is to exaggerate and expand. While Jupiter is visiting it’s home sign of Sagittarius this is even more true, as Sagittarius is known as the philosopher, the dreamer, the adventurer, the traveler, and the faithful one. It’s an expansive sort of energy and in our new age culture we like to think about ONLY what we want to attract, right?

There is a full spectrum of light and dark with every sign and every planet, even happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, even “abundant” Jupiter. While one side of this is luck, faith, abundance, adventure, and enthusiasm, we can also see dogma, overindulgence, thoughtlessness, and recklessness. Whenever we are looking at the Sun and Jupiter, we see a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and optimism, but we can also see an inflated ego.

I’m not sharing this to be a downer, but rather because I think it’s unfair to the people who are NOT feeling the happy, lucky, faithful Jupiter vibes. If we are over indentified a specific ideology, with a particular dream, with our own sense of what the right life is, we may feel anything BUT lucky or optimistic today and tomorrow, when this aspect is it’s strongest. If we refuse to look at the lower end of the spectrum that we are experiencing, it will continue to show up until we deal with it.

Astrologers see the world as a dance of opposites, an expression of light and dark. Understanding current astrological dynamics can show us where we are on the spectrum right now. If we are experiencing the lower end of the spectrum, it does not mean we are doomed or that we are wrong, it just means we are unaligned with our true self in some way, or out of touch with the heart.

Sometimes this is a process. Sometimes we go through difficult things and experience the lower end of the spectrum for a bit so we can come out on the other side as something totally different. Astrology can show us how our personal will and Divine will collides if we’re open to this. Sometimes when our will isn’t getting us where we want, we have to give up. We have to trust.

No matter what you feel today, take a look at the house in your birth chart that is ruled by Sagittarius. For the first time in twelve years Jupiter will be bringing a lot of focus to this part of your life, and if you’re willing to look at all the light AND dark places, you may find that this area of your life expands in the most beautiful ways this year. When you are willing to truly SEE yourself and OWN your experiences and your life, this is how we create our own luck in our lives.

If you are interested in learning about what Jupiter’s transit means for you this next year, we can explore this in a session together. Learn more about that when you click here!

Embracing the light and the dark with you,


Photo Credit: Marc Adriane

Photo by Rob Walsh

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