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9 Things You Need to Know About Eclipse Season

9 Things You Need to Know About Eclipse Season

With the next eclipse arriving on January 5, we are currently in eclipse season. Eclipses are extra powerful New and Full Moons. They are catalysts that bring us strong messages. The changes that come with eclipses are too big and strong to take place over the course of one, two, or three days, which is the most charged duration of most New and Full moons.

We are entering a new chapter with these eclipses that are in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, and on January 20th, we will be closing out the previous chapter of Aquarius and Leo eclipses that started in 2017. Remember the eclipse we all saw in the sky in 2017? That was part of the Aquarius - Leo eclipse cycle.

Eclipses arrive in pairs that are opposites. With Aquarius and Leo, we were in the midst of air and fire elements. Now with Capricorn and Cancer, we are moving into earth and water. The last eclipse cycle was very intense for many. Fire has a way of burning things away that need to be burned away, while air brings new ideas, discussions, and lightness where things were once dense and maybe too heavy.

While eclipses are known for being powerful, awareness of which house the eclipses are moving through in your birth chart, what degree the eclipse is in, and what aspects (if any) they are making to the planets in your birth chart will tell you a lot about how these eclipses will impact you.

There are two words I typically use when I’m talking to someone about eclipses: change and uplevel.

Eclipses are a time when the Universe is asking you to change for the better and uplevel your life. This sounds really exciting and magical, right?

Sometimes it is, and at other times it may feel anything but magical. In the instance that you’re not feeling the magic, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Universe isn’t working with you and for you.

Sometimes we just don’t see what we need to see, and the Universe will send us some unsettling surprises that shake up our lives and get us moving in the direction that is for our highest good.

2018 featured five eclipses in the signs of Leo and Aquarius, with one eclipse in the sign of Cancer, the first of the new eclipse cycle. 2019 will also feature five eclipses, and 2020 will feature SIX. Some years we only have four eclipses, so the years where we have an extra eclipse or two may feel very challenging, because we are implementing so many big changes in such a short amount of time. Each eclipse is like a step up towards the new home the Universe knows we are ready to arrive at.

When we show up with courage and an open heart, eclipses often bring pleasant surprises, even if we don’t see the gift within the surprise right away.

With that being said, I’ve listed nine things that you need to know about eclipses.

  1. Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses have a very different energy to them. Solar Eclipses are New Moons, and Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons, only they feel much more powerful, and much more intense than a regular New or Full Moon. During a (New Moon) Solar Eclipse, the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off the light from the Sun. This is the image most of us think of when we think of an eclipse, the Moon covering the Sun. Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings and surprises. In some ways, it’s basically resetting life by blocking out the main source of Life Force Energy. Lunar Eclipses however, are much more emotional and often bring endings. During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth stands between the Moon and Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon, essentially making the Moon “disappear” as far as we are concerned. Eclipses are very powerful symbolically, and ancient peoples felt that they were ominous! Modern astrology holds a different sort of mindset around eclipses overall, but what each individual eclipse will mean for YOU can only be understood by reading your birth chart.

  2. The January 5th New Moon Solar Eclipse will take place right between Saturn and Pluto. Let’s just say these new beginnings will involve some letting go, some purging, some muscle, and the new world we’re walking into will be SOLID.

  3. The January 20 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo will be squaring Uranus in Aries. Uranus brings the unexpected, and is also known for upheaval and breakthrough. This is extra significant as this eclipse occurs right as Aquarius season begins, and Uranus is a ruler of Aquarius. I feel that this final eclipse in the Aquarius-Leo cycle will close out anything we’ve not let go of over the course of the past two years. The first eclipse in this cycle was also a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, on February 10 of 2017.

  4. It’s not a time to make bold action or make big decisions. It’s a time to be very open to guidance from the Universe. New Moon Solar Eclipses are a super powerful energy, but you may find that your usual intentions and manifestations aren’t as easy to come by. While Astrology is really a way of seeing how our personal will and Divine will collide, eclipse season is a time where it’s wisest to be more open to the Divine and not so dead set on our intentions.

  5. Surprising news or events can occur up to a month before or after the eclipse. Each eclipse builds momentum in ushering in a new chapter of your life. The change is so big that it cannot all happen at once, so no need to build up big expectations around the days or the week of any one eclipse. It’s a major time of growth that lasts over the course of nearly two years, with powerful events/stages that are about six months apart, marked by each eclipse.

  6. You often feel like you are out of control during eclipse season, or like you’re not seeing things clearly. Things may seem chaotic and even difficult; change isn’t always easy. Sometimes uncomfortable truths will be impossible to ignore. This means it’s time for an uplevel. Remember the importance of openness. The more we close ourselves off from what the Eclipse is showing us, the harder the lessons can be. Like most things in life, when we approach things with a sense of adventure, curiosity, wonder, and joy, magical things can happen.

  7. Keep your schedule to a minimum, and make self-care paramount. Phases of life that are full of change can feel very stressful, so it’s important to keep your body and mind feeling nourished and rested. If you’re too exhausted to exercise, go for a light walk or do something that isn’t so strenuous. You want to keep yourself in a nice rhythm while the rhythm of life may be less predictable.

  8. Sometimes eclipse lessons take a while to understand. If you feel like life just handed you some lemons that aren’t suitable for lemonade, give it time. You will eventually see the gems of what is handed to you and the beauty of the new world you’re creating.

  9. It’s helpful to look back to see what was going in your life in 2000-2002, and also 2009-2011 to understand what themes may become prevalent again with this new eclipse cycle. Eclipses revisit the same signs every 8-11 years, but every 19 years is when the signs will arrive at nearly the same exact degree, so you often find yourself in similar predicaments from years past. For example, on July 5 of 2001, we had a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 14 degrees, and the January 5th Solar Eclipse will be in Capricorn at 15 degrees. If you can remember what was going on in your life in the summer of 2001, it may be really eye opening to do some reflective writing and see what comes up!

At the end of the day, eclipses are basically larger than life New and Full Moons that mark very big beginnings and endings for us. It’s a time to welcome divine guidance and commit to your growth and highest good, and overall, it’s a time to step away from superstition, dogma, and self doubt. Trust the Universe, trust yourself, and walk through the new doors that speak to your heart. Don’t look back; eclipses ask us to look forward, to close the doors to the past. They often deliver powerful reminders of why the door was closed in the first place if we keep attempting to return to it.

If you’d like some coaching to meet the January eclipses with strength and courage, I’d love to work with you! You can learn more about eclipse season coaching and book your session when you click here. I am offering a discounted rate for readings, but even if you cannot currently expense the discounted rate, I am open to working with your budget in order to do email readings. If this eclipse season is really stirring things up within you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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Photo Credit: Matt Nelson

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