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Marlena Marie Torres

Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer, & Teacher.

I share practical tools that help you move beyond limitations and align with the most authentic expression of who you truly are. My favorite way to do this is through self care and lifestyle improvement that is specific to your personal astrological energy! This is process is a profound way of stepping into your power by embracing who your worthiness.

A Cathartic Full Moon in Libra

A Cathartic Full Moon in Libra

Tomorrow the Moon will be full in the sign of Libra. Not only will the moon be opposed the Sun (a Full Moon always oppose the Sun), she will oppose Mercury as well. The Moon will square Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Venus will move into the sign of Taurus, and she is currently moving away from a conjunction with Uranus in Aries. 

A lot of us are still feeling the effects of the Venus - Uranus conjunction. As Venus moves into Taurus, a sign where she is very at home, we are looking for more ease, beauty, and stability in our aesthetics, in our art, and in our relationships. The Venus - Uranus conjunction in Aries really shook things up. Many of us likely still feel very unsettled in relationships, with our sense of peace, beauty, we may even be feeling sort of creatively out of sorts. 

This full moon seems to point towards the break down of any shaky foundations in our lives. With the Sun and Mercury in Aries, and this full moon being in Libra, we are looking at themes of the self (Aries) and the other/relationships (Libra). The square towards Mars and Saturn suggest there is a lot of life force and maybe some aggression in anything that is breaking up right now. Whatever is cracking can be rebuilt, but the Full Moon will expose all that needs to be seen for you to be able to rebuild from a place of clarity. Communication will likely be an issue since Mercury is retrograde and also opposed to this Full Moon. 

I always suggest going into any Full Moon being open to seeing what you need to see. Whenever we are open and ready and accepting, things go smoother. We can do difficult things and learn hard lessons and see uncomfortable truths with a sense of ease. So much of our anxiety happens when we are resisting what we feel. We have to process emotions, this is natural. 

Following these planetary patterns is a commitment to understanding the world and ourselves so that we can grow. It brings clarity to chaos, a sense of beauty to the mundane. We can see these transits in the every day functions of our lives when we open our eyes and our hearts to it. 

I have availability for ONE reading this weekend if you're interested in seeing what this full moon means for you. Click here to book a session! 

Here are some helpful journal prompts for this Full Moon:

1. Where have I been untrue to myself with what I need in a relationship?

2. Where have I been unfair in what I expect of others in relationships?

3. Where have a I suppressed my desire to fix things or start fresh in order to keep other people comfortable in my life? 

4. How can I bring more harmony, beauty, and ease into ALL areas of my life (not just relationships)? 

5. Who am I as a single person? Who am I in relationship? This is important to think about regardless of whether or not you are single or in a partnership! 

Lots of Love, 


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