Marlena Marie Torres  Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer,  & Teacher.

Marlena Marie Torres

Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer, & Teacher.

I share practical tools that help you move beyond limitations and align with the most authentic expression of who you truly are. My favorite way to do this is through self care and lifestyle improvement that is specific to your personal astrological energy! This is process is a profound way of stepping into your power by embracing who your worthiness.

Getting Rooted to Rise Up

Getting Rooted to Rise Up

The new moon in Aries was here and now is gone - and we are into another new cycle. The moon is in Taurus until early tomorrow morning, so the inner climate is ripe for settling into new moon energy that likely felt abrupt. 

Aries is the plant sprouting from the seed - Taurus is the roots that dig into the earth. Aries wants to move forward, Taurus wants to get grounded and stable. When the moon moves into Gemini tomorrow morning, think of branches growing leaves, gathering and processing oxygen and sunlight. Gemini is the gatherer of information. Gemini does all of the things, learns all of the things, teaches about all of the things. So we will take the groundedness we got from Taurus and use it to gather more, and build upon all we’ve established. After Gemini, we will move into Cancer, and then we will be feeling all of the things. 

We go from fire/action with Aries, to earth/rootedness with Taurus, to air/mental processes with Gemini, to water/emotions with Cancer. 

The first four signs of the zodiac couldn’t be more different. 

We all have each of these energies present in our chart, even if we don’t have any planets in any of these signs (if you’d like to understand how these signs play out in your chart, book a reading)! We need all of these elements to be successful at any endeavor we pursue. 

So, while I do feel that this new moon felt a bit intense, as if we were being pulled forward, I know (and feel) that we are moving into an energy that is focused more on being grounded, rooted, and building endurance at whatever we are focusing on. We feel this right now with the Taurus moon, we will be feeling it in a few days when the sun moves into Taurus after a month in Aries, and we will feel it again in about a month when Uranus moves into Taurus after being in Aries for seven years! 

The moon is considered exalted in Taurus, and the reason why is because Taurus is so stable. This Taurus moon can teach us something: don’t allow your emotions to rule you.  It’s important to express yourself and process what you feel, of course. You don’t want to hold things in and let them fester, this would definitely contribute to feeling very stuck! When it comes to actually dealing with emotions, I like to look at the sign opposite of Taurus, Scorpio. Strong Scorpio energy, the kind that doesn’t self-sabotage, is probably my favorite energy to be around, and the most fascinating sign to watch when it comes to dealing with emotions. Scorpios process what they feel and are bold in how they express what they feel with those they trust enough to share with (they don’t trust many), but then they are back on task, driven towards their desires, not letting any obstacles hold them back from what they want and will have. They are a highly emotional water sign, but they don’t let it get in the way of their drive or their desires. 

Of all the signs in the zodiac, I often hear people say they are most intimidated by Scorpios, and I really feel that people who feel this way are hiding from a part of themselves. All of the signs are within us, they are all a part of us, and so we all have a house in our birth chart that is ruled by Scorpio. This is where we get intense, this is where we can be ruthless, this is where we are prone to understanding darkness in the world, where we have a tendency towards extremes, and this is also where we are very powerful. 

I think one of the most beautiful things we get to experience in life is getting to know ourselves better and opening up to the depths of who we are. Connecting to yourself and feeling compassion for yourself comes naturally when you are open to learning more about yourself and all of those layers. This is what love and light is all about. It’s not about going to yoga class or even meditating every day; it’s about connection to yourself, and to others. 

So - embrace the energy all of the time. Resistance usually leads to getting stuck, and there is no fun in getting stuck. If you’re feeling terribly ungrounded after this new moon even with the current Taurus moon energy, just know that Taurus season is coming and you’ll be feeling like you’re back down to earth again very soon. Trust that we are always in the midst of a cycle, moving through life with a rhythm that is larger than ourselves and wants to connect us to all of life. These big transits like Uranus moving to Taurus may disrupt what feels like a safe shell to us, but this is growth, and it necessary to life. We will likely find new ways to achieve stability. The status quo may see some changes and as a society we will likely be having abrupt shifts and breakthroughs. This transit, like all transits, is both collective and personal (to understand the personal piece, we have to look at your birth chart). Bringing this back to the new moon cycle, now is a good time to pay attention to where your focus is. It’s a time where we are shifting, moving forward, spreading our roots, digging deeper, knowing ourselves even better, and rising up into the beauty of who we truly are. 

If you'd like to see how these themes are playing out in your life,  you can book a reading with me by clicking here! I offer discounts on packages of more than one reading, and I’d love to work with you.

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop

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