Iā€™m Marlena.

The future is not predictable, but we can prepare ourselves by being aligned, empowered, and open to our own process.

I want to provide you with a gentle path towards absolute authenticity, love, power, and deep happiness. I want to show you how to come home to who you are.

My aim is always this: offering new ways to live and see your circumstances that bring more wholeness, peace, and power into your life. I am honored to be on this journey with you!

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus

Feeling swept away and then coming back to earth. 

Finding revolution in your own skin by getting your fingers in the dirt. Your feet on the earth. 

Finding your truth in ways that were unfathomable before, in places so simple and basic and true and rich and solid that it blows your mind. 

Feeling your way into your personal truth. Embracing your worth.  

Finding your deepest values and seeing how they line up with what your body needs.

The body never lies. The body is telling you the truth. 

Finally accepting that you really are what you eat.  The stuff of the earth is the stuff of you. Nothing is separate. 

Forgetting the limitations of the past: circumstances are always temporary. 

Forging ahead, breaking through the barriers like an angry bull. 

Finally grazing in flowery fields. Enjoying the tastes, the breeze, the gentle rays of the sun filtering through the leaves of trees, knowing the peace of this physical earthy moment is temporary, and knowing that this same peace is available within you, lives within your heart always, and so is there for you to tap into at any time. 

With Love, 


Photo Credit: Darren Nunis

Happy Birthday, Prince

Happy Birthday, Prince

The Pisces Moon, Neptune, & Your Dream Body

The Pisces Moon, Neptune, & Your Dream Body