Marlena Marie Torres  Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer,  & Teacher.

Marlena Marie Torres

Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer, & Teacher.

I share practical tools that help you move beyond limitations and align with the most authentic expression of who you truly are. My favorite way to do this is through self care and lifestyle improvement that is specific to your personal astrological energy! This is process is a profound way of stepping into your power by embracing who your worthiness.

A Gemini New Moon and Emotional Freedom

A Gemini New Moon and Emotional Freedom

Sometimes New Moons feel exciting! 

Other times, we may feel drained, tired, irritable, or overly emotional at New Moon time. 

How any New Moon feels to you depends on your birth chart, as well as the aspects the New Moon is making in your birth chart. 

I can't imagine where I'd be without astrology - not because I rely on astrology to guide me through my life, but because it's opened me up more deeply to my energy and as a result, my truth. Also, I have a logical understanding of myself and how the current astrology affects me. It doesn't feel "woo woo" to me at all, it feels practical! 

Let this new moon provide you with freedom to feel what you feel. Gemini is about freedom, changeability, mental and communicative processes, and the Moon symbolizes our emotions and inner life. Ergo, a new moon in Gemini is the perfect time to give into what we feel and accept that it's ok to ebb and flow with your emotions; the Moon symbolizes a part of us that isn't predictable and perhaps not interested in goals and intention setting. It just wants the freedom to be. Without that freedom, our emotions become stuck, and being stuck is hell to Gemini. 

It's taken me a very long time to accept that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are all dependent upon being able to feel what you need to feel and not judging those feelings.

Ride the waves of all you feel and give them space to exist this month. Consider making this your only intention. If you are feeling tired, drained, or like you've been pushing too hard in any area of your life, this month is the perfect time to let go and have some fun.  

Here’s to an exciting month! 


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