Marlena Marie Torres  Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer,  & Teacher.

Marlena Marie Torres

Astrologer, Nutritionist, Writer, & Teacher.

I share practical tools that help you move beyond limitations and align with the most authentic expression of who you truly are. My favorite way to do this is through self care and lifestyle improvement that is specific to your personal astrological energy! This is process is a profound way of stepping into your power by embracing who your worthiness.

The Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moons are a time where we are typically more emotional and very prone to extremes. 

With a Full Moon in Capricorn, we want to be careful that we are not closing ourselves off. Capricorn is a sign that is very focused on a goal and quite ambitious, often to the point that nothing gets in the way of that goal. Be extra aware today of any inclination you have to isolate yourself or close yourself off from the world. Sometimes we need that single pointed focus, and sometimes we benefit from breaking up our routines a bit, especially when they are overly rigid. 

Capricorn is always a nice energy for exercise, especially for weight lifting as it's a good day for moving matter. Provided you have some sort of method for grounding yourself after your workout, you will be be better off for it. 

A hard lesson with Capricorn can be the fact that we are students in this life and so we are always learning. With Cap there can be extremes that make Full Moon energy even more intense. We can be unforgiving with ourselves when Capricorn is involved, so tap into your inner mother and take good care of yourself and be understanding of where you are at right now. Don't expect perfection. Whichever house in your birth chart the Full Moon falls under will illustrate better for you how this full moon is expressing itself in your life. 

Be aware of feeling emotionally stuck today. The polarity between water and earth signs can result in this type of feeling and it can be difficult to move through that with this solid as steel Cap moon. 

Be mindful of your body and your stomach. Castor oil packs are a great idea for tonight. Stretch, sweat, and move if you can. Tune into any messages your body has for you. You will feel what you need to feel if you give yourself the opportunity for it. 

Lots of Love,


PS- Sorry for any typos or if this post seems kind of scattered. I'm writing this while my daughter sits on my lap and is pulling at me because she wants me to make a fort with her. Me trying to get my writing done while my child it literally pulling me away from it is a great example of the Cancer (the nurturer or mother) - Capricorn (work and career) polarity we are experiencing right now at this full moon.

Photo Credit: Anthony Guay

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