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Happy Birthday, Prince

Happy Birthday, Prince

"I can't be played. Anyone who tries to play me, plays themselves." 

- Prince (Gemini sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising) 

As I started my car this morning, I was surprised to find When Dove's Cry playing from my iPhone through my car stereo! I promise you this was totally by accident; I have no idea how to even connect the blue tooth to my phone to play music. Taurus problems.  

I forgot that it was Prince’s birthday. So, I'm super happy that I got this reminder because I love looking at celebrity charts even if I've never written or shared anything about them until today, and I think Prince is such a wonderful example of his Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. His public image expressed his astrology beautifully and, like so many legendary artists, Prince is a great example of someone living their truth. 

Prince was a Gemini Sun. On the most obvious levels, he embodied Gemini androgyny. He wore heels, make up, lace and ruffles and was still considered sexy because it totally suited him. It is rumored that he played 27 instruments, and that he wrote a song every single day! This exemplifies the scattered and extremely high energy that is so unique to Gemini; it seemsPrince made such excellent use of it. 

His Pisces Moon is evident in his talent as an artist and because religion and spirituality were important to him. Although he practiced religion in a traditional sense as well, writing a song every day basically made music a religion to him. His connection to the divine was evident in how inspired the world was by his music - this connection to the divine and using art as a means to channel that inspiration is a classic interpretation of Pisces energy. Since this is his Moon sign, this was a part of him that he never thought about and probably didn't even need to work on or develop at all, it was completely natural to him provided he was open to it. 

As a Scorpio Ascendant, he was bold in his speech, his style was bold and assertive, and much of his music was sexual. He is a musical legend, and it is typical of Scorpio to reach a powerful position in their field, whichever field they chose. Scorpio ascendants are typically very attractive and magnetic to literally everyone as they exude power and so most people are naturally drawn to them. This was of course true of him. Aside from being such a talent, there was something powerfully magnetic about him.

Gemini is a chatty air sign, but with Prince's Moon and Ascendant both being in water signs, this gave him a sense of depth and mystique that is not typical of Gemini. When you look at his face, you see Gemini youth, in his eyes you see both Mercurial trickery but the depth that comes with water signs; he had classic water sign eyes, only with a Gemini twist that makes you wonder what he's up to. 

Fun fact: Prince's first wife, Mayte Garcia, was a Scorpio Sun with a Gemini Moon, which is a great match for him. It's worth noting that this relationship was known for it's intensity. Despite Mayte's young age when he met her, he said as soon as he saw her he knew she would be his wife. While a Gemini Sun is not considered compatible with a Scorpio Sun, bringing in the Moon and Rising signs paints a better picture of how magnetic two people can be when you begin to look at the entire astrological picture. The fact that Prince’s Sun Sign was Mayte’s Moon Sign, and Mayte’s Sun Sign was Prince’s Rising Sign shows that there was a level of both comfort and excitement in their union. It’s particularly true with water signs (such as Pisces and Scorpio) that there is a feeling of “knowing” one another before, even when they’ve never met before.

The quote I shared at the beginning of this post really sums up Prince's Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. Gemini is too mentally quick to be played (they are, however, masters of trickery, and so they play others quite well, sometimes without even realizing it!), Pisces is too wise and intuitive to be played; they will feel a lie as long as they aren't in fantasy land, and Scorpio sees through all the lies and masks. Scorpio is the most perceptive and instinctual sign of the zodiac. 

Happy Birthday, Prince! Thank you for being who you are and following your star. No matter how well known any of us are, when we live our truth, we help liberate anyone who observes us. This is an act of service, and a gift to humanity. 

While this post really only explores the most basic of Prince's astrology, I hope it is simple enough for even those of you who are complete novices to astrology to see the helpfulness of interpreting the stories of the stars. I hope you enjoyed it! 

Lots of Love,


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