Iā€™m Marlena.

The future is not predictable, but we can prepare ourselves by being aligned, empowered, and open to our own process.

I want to provide you with a gentle path towards absolute authenticity, love, power, and deep happiness. I want to show you how to come home to who you are.

My aim is always this: offering new ways to live and see your circumstances that bring more wholeness, peace, and power into your life. I am honored to be on this journey with you!

Prayer and a Pisces Moon

Prayer and a Pisces Moon

Your relationship with the Divine can look however you'd like it to.  

I fully believe in the power of prayer. But if that doesn't feel like your thing, why force it? 

You may be in a phase of life where you are more connected in a different way. Maybe you are best connected through music right now. Maybe journaling allows you to enter into a conversation with God more than prayer does. Maybe knitting or chopping vegetables makes you feel more connected than going to church. Maybe making things with your hands feels like a religious experience to you. And who is to say that these things aren't a form of prayer?

The biggest act of disservice I've ever done to myself is to expect myself to do any one thing, every single day. Of course it's possible, but eventually I get bored. It's uninspired. It's overly ritualistic. It's heavy. 

So, there is no point to it. 

Personally, I feel most connected to the Divine when I am honoring my process. My process is a reflection of the Divine within me. As an astrologer, I see my process in my birth chart, as I am an expression of the universe exactly as it was on a Saturday afternoon in May of 1983. When I can be totally fine with all of that, when I embrace it, I am connected most deeply to myself and to all that is. The fact that any of us ever think there is anything wrong with us only shows us how misguided we have been about love, life, and God. 

We don't have to do anything radical or devout and we don't have to sacrifice in order to be spiritual and we don't need to sacrifice in order to experience goodness in our lives. We are goodness. We experience goodness just by being able to spend time with ourselves without distraction or numbing out with self sabotaging behaviors. 

Today the Moon is moving through the last degrees of Pisces, and a Pisces Moon invites deeper connection to the Divine. Try not to romanticize this with images of what you've been taught spirituality should look like. It is unique to you, like all things. 

And we really need to see you, the real you. 

Showing up is all the universe is asking of you.

With reverence,


Photo Credit: Sarah Ball

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