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The New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo

Virgo is not fancy, but polished. 

Virgo is rarely bold, but always efficient and effective. 

Virgo is about working hard simply for hard work's sake. 

Virgo is here to remove the impurities from all of our systems. 

Virgo's power is in discernment. 

When we are unable to discern effectively in our lives, Virgo will politely try to show us that it's time reexamine our day-to-day. It's time to iron out the details of the most mundane aspects of our lives so we can see how we can arrive at greater clarity. Virgo teaches us that when we own the details, we are not bogged down by them. 

This clarity we may arrive at is similar to purity. Purity is not about green juice or a minimalist black and white wardrobe or atoning for all of our wrong doings, it's about seeing ourselves clearly, without all of the conditioning. It's about seeing a pure vision of ourselves: what we are here to offer, and how we experience joy. 

This is our work, and it may be our most important work. While the "hard worker" ribbon is usually awarded to Capricorn we easily forget about dutiful Virgo, toiling away behind the scenes with no care about rising in the ranks of career and with no desire to dirty their hands (but no fear of it either, provided there is some clean water and good soap to scrub them clean with afterwards, and lotion to moisturize!). Virgo is interested in hard work simply for the satisfaction and peace that comes with the result of a job well done, a job that is done in the spirit of service. 

Work done in the spirit of service is what gets us out of our heads and away from perfectionism- a shadow expression of Virgo that gets way too much attention in the astrology world. 

At it's best, Virgo will bring us into our bodies with a sense of ease - with all systems in our lives functioning seamlessly, efficiently, and helpfully. 

Virgo will bring us to our knees in our gardens, in the forest, at the beach. As the second earth sign in the zodiac, nature is medicine for Virgo, even as we approach the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. While Taurus is deemed the earth goddess, the earth goddess is within Virgo as well. During Virgo season we see the die off of summer into autumn, and if we chose to, we can appreciate Nature even more deeply by seeing the exquisite perfection of it's expression in all phases, and the seamlessness of her seasonal changes. 

Understanding the house that Virgo rules in your birth chart will help you understand how this energy is expressing itself within you and in your life. 

Happy New Moon in Virgo! 

With Love, 

Creativity and You

Creativity and You

New Moon Solar Eclipse Special Offer!

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