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The future is not predictable, but we can prepare ourselves by being aligned, empowered, and open to our own process.

I want to provide you with a gentle path towards absolute authenticity, love, power, and deep happiness. I want to show you how to come home to who you are.

My aim is always this: offering new ways to live and see your circumstances that bring more wholeness, peace, and power into your life. I am honored to be on this journey with you!

Pisces, Boundaries, & Self-Care

Pisces, Boundaries, & Self-Care

Pisces is all about the dream world, the subconscious, divinity, inspiration, spirituality, and the soul. This is a beautiful thing when we are in love, creating art, praying or meditating. Pisces season is a time where these things will come easily to us because Pisces energy lacks boundaries. In the Northern Hemisphere it is winter, and for many of us we’re still in the midst of snow and bitter cold, and it feels natural to go inward.

While a lack of boundaries can be beautiful when we’re looking to connect with something larger than ourselves, it can be deeply destructive when we are not in tune with our needs and not creating healthy boundaries between ourselves and what takes us out of alignment with our highest good. This isn’t always a simple lesson, it takes time, patience, and lot of self-forgiveness.

Yesterday’s New Moon in Pisces was conjunct Neptune, and made harmonious aspects with Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. This New Moon may have felt cloudy, confusing, dreamy, or romantic. There may have been an element of frustration or heaviness with it, but ultimately the frustration you’re feeling will give way to something beautiful.

It’s important that we say no when we need to say no. Saying no is the best way to make a clear boundary. This lesson of boundaries can be difficult for Pisces, because there is a tendency to genuinely not know where you end and other people begin. Pisces often feels the emotions of others as their own, and this can be very difficult when we care so deeply about people, and even more so when we are talking about relationships.

New Moons bring a lot of fresh energy with them, but this conjunction with Neptune may have us feeling uncertain. My advice is to sit with the uncertainty and be OK with not knowing, as Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, “learn to love the questions themselves.” Take very good care of yourself if the uncertainty is particularly challenging for you.

Be very aware of how you are in your most intimate relationships. Just observe. You don’t need to even take any action right now (plenty of time for that in upcoming Aries season!). The full moon in Libra in two weeks will spotlight where our boundaries are not strong in relationships. Things will get clearer, just be patient, trust the process, and always trust your SELF!

So, here are the takeaways:

*Take such good care of yourself.

*Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water and fresh vegetable juices. Eat hydrating foods.

*This is a great time to cleanse. If it’s cold where you are, you can leave your produce out on the counter the night before so its room temperature when it’s time to make your juice or smoothie the following mornings.

*Drink hot teas and bone broth, or even just warm water or seed milks. Liquids will feel extra great and nourishing to you right now. You’ll see.

*Be gentle with exercise. Yoga is such a great form of movement when Pisces energy is strong.

*Be aware of where you feel that boundaries are weak with others and with yourself. What habits reflect a sense of low self worth or not valuing yourself? Where are you not owning your needs? It may be helpful to journal about this.

*Meditate. Pray. Even if you usually don’t. It will feel more natural for you right now, even if you have a difficult past with religion or spiritual circles. You can make it your own. God is always listening, always available to you.

Taking care of yourself is the best way to create strong boundaries in your life and relationships, and it’s the clearest way to communicate to the Universe that you’re ready for what you desire.

Happy New Moon Time!

Lots of Love,


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