I’m Marlena.

The future is not predictable, but we can prepare ourselves by being aligned, empowered, and open to our own process.

I want to provide you with a gentle path towards absolute authenticity, love, power, and deep happiness. I want to show you how to come home to who you are.

My aim is always this: offering new ways to live and see your circumstances that bring more wholeness, peace, and power into your life. I am honored to be on this journey with you!

Power, Control, & Living On Your Own Terms

Power, Control, & Living On Your Own Terms

We all have desires. We all want good lives.

We all have been told how to get the lives we want, and we’ve all been told what makes a life good, what constitutes success, security, and what it means to contribute something of value to the world.
Really, there is so much seriousness in all of this. Can we ease up a bit?

Well, I’m easing up a bit. So maybe that will give you permission to, as well

Understanding what success, security, purpose, and contribution means to YOU will matter entirely on who you are as a person. You may have a lot of ideas around what this looks like based on how you were raised and where you went to school, but if you can let go of all of these notions that have been drilled into your head, you can get around to living in sync with the way you were designed to live.

We all have our struggles. Where most of us feel we are failing, we are not failing at all - we are simply growing. What we are failing to see is that struggle, loss, pain, it’s all an opportunity to come into our power; I’m not saying this to belittle what you have experienced or are experiencing; my own experiences are what led me to holistic healing through food and cleansing as well as astrology. I was able to see my patterns mapped out in my birth chart. I understood the seasons of my life through the transits. As I cared for myself through simple whole foods and slowed down by moving away from the fast paced modern lifestyle, and stopped trying to keep up with what everyone else was doing, I saw more clearly where the Universe was asking me to stop playing small, to speak up, to embrace what felt natural, healthy, and energizing to me.

I often joke that if not for astrology I’d need medication. I’m not poking fun at medication and I am not against it, but my experiences have led to a lot of people suggesting to me that I get help, and get on antidepressants. At one point I actually had a college psychologist write me a prescription that I never filled out.

I’m still not sure why I opted out, but I knew I wanted deep happiness, to feel it in my core. As I moved forward, I found some happiness and a sense of meaning as I moved towards subjects and healing modalities that inspired me. I’m naturally super curious, and super eager to read about subjects that fascinate me. And so, my healing began.

With astrology, I found a sense of validation. I began to understand myself. I understood that I was complicated, that I was sooooo much a Taurus but in other ways, not so much at all. It took me over a decade to embrace this, though. For a long time, I hated what I learned about myself, and I felt defeated. How could I manage all of this conflict in my birth chart?

Why am I sharing all of this? For two reasons: One - I subscribed to ideas around astrology that were bleak and self-defeating. I had a lot of anxiety come up the more I learned. I realize now that this is something that simply had to come up and be released. Two - We all have some conflict in our birth charts, and within us, but embracing all these parts of us and bringing it together is what brings us to our wholeness.

I am very honest about the fact that I don’t believe we ever have to know a single thing about our astrology in order to become self aware, spiritual, or be in tune with the universe. But I also have been very honest about the fact that without the guidance of the cosmos through astrology along with the nutrition and simplicity of whole foods, I’d be lost in this culture. It’s a really confusing world to live in, and nothing is more important to me than my connection to my inner compass. Astrology and real food have provided me with that connection and continues to strengthen it.

That connection allows me to get glimpses into my deepest authenticity, my truest self, and aligns me with my ideal expression.

This is power. Knowing yourself, trusting yourself, connection to yourself, making choices with integrity - knowing you have what it takes to follow through - THIS IS POWER!

We often confuse power for control. Power doesn’t need a tight grip, and it doesn’t need to manipulate, power doesn’t even need money. Power is innate. It wants to work through us and when power can’t work or move through us, we shut down, we decay. This is why it’s so important to never give our power away, especially if we want to be strong, energized, and healthy. Carolyn Myss covers this in a really easy to understand way in her book, “Anatomy of the Spirit” (she’s also a Sagittarius with Gemini moon, so she’s a fierce, bold communicator who draws so many ideas from different sources together to bring one truth to the picture), this is such a helpful book!

Control is when we need a plan because we don’t trust ourselves and we don’t have any faith in life. Plans can be really great and useful when it’s about reaching our goals, but they are defeating when we create them out of a lack of trust in ourselves. Control is based in fear, power is based in faith.

It’s time to have faith. Today’s conjunction of Mars and Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn is going to play out some stories for us around power, control, drive, and communication. It’s wise to tread lightly when it comes to discussions with our loved ones, but don’t hold back from sharing your truth; no doubt that the full moon in Sagittarius shed some light on truths that may have been lurking in the shadows, but anything that Monday’s full moon didn’t illuminate is sure to come out and say hello with this transit.

When we say yes to our truth, we say yes to who we are, we accept that what we love is right for us, we step into our power. This is what the Universe wants from us and for us, and it is so unique for each and every one of us.

So, we can navigate our lives with a tight grip, following plans and letting culture dictate what it means to be successful, secure, in love, beautiful, yadda yadda yadda. Or we can TRUST, knowing that we are worthy of goodness, beauty, and that we are capable of creating a life on our own terms.

We are MORE than capable. We were born for it.

With BIG faith,


The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius