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The Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius

Early tomorrow morning, the moon will be full in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Our desire for our own individuality and needs may be at odds with what will keep the peace in our closest relationships and this will be illuminated by this full moon, which is opposing Venus who is in exact conjunction with the Sun. While this aspect is really beautiful, it can also feel like all you're feeling right now is very full-on, and it's wise to be thoughtful with your words. While Leo energy is typically full of delight and warmth, it's also connected to ego, and Aquarius is the most mental of all the signs, so finding words that come from the heart will be a good focus for this full moon phase. Our needs in relationship are so highlighted right now and we will need it to fuel our growth. If our relationships are not supporting our growth, it will be obvious right now. We need our relationships to support who we are, but we also need to be sure there is balance. Be mindful of a push-pull between you and your partner, whether you’re feeling like you’re giving too much or you’re not being seen for who you are. One of my favorite aspects of Aquarian energy is the spirit of working together towards a common goal, the common good. So, wherever there may be polarity in your relationships right now, work towards establishing a common goal together. This can be your focus, and you can come back to this whenever you feel at odds, today and as life moves onward.

Remember that polarity is a part of nature and life. There’s no summer without winter. No flowers without rain. Our hardships make us relish our blessings and see goodness for what it really is.

I just finished reading Liz Gilbert's latest, City of Girls, and I wanted to share this quote from the book with you as it really epitomizes full moon energy “Of course I fell in love with your father, Angela. I fell in love with him, and it made no sense for me to fall in love with him. We could not possibly have been more different. But maybe that’s where love grows best - in the deep space that exists between polarities.” Keep that above quote in mind whenever you feel the tension of opposition in your life and in your self. Full moons offer us a sacred time and space to explore our deepest spaces, which promise to bring us deeper into self awareness, more appreciative of all our aspects of self, and deliver us home to who we are.


What parts of yourself feel at odds right now? How are these two things wanting to work together to help you more fully embody who you truly are? This question also goes for relationships. How can your differences become strengths?

What is a goal you can make that unites these opposing forces? How can you become a strong team, individually, and in your relationships (this applies to romantic and work relationships).

Wishing you a beautiful full moon!

Lots of Love to you,


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