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1:1 Love & Relationship Readings - Phone

Depth, detail, and a plan for the next three months.

If you want to focus on your next step, but you’re too heartbroken to know what that should be…

If you’re frustrated with your current circumstances and longing for change and growth in your life…

If you end the day feeling defeated, because once again you haven’t had time to tend to the things that matter most to you…

If you’re often feeling exhausted, sick, heavy, or sad…

If you feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole…

If you feel like you really KNOW what you want if only x,y, or z would fall into place…

If you have no real clue about what you want, in your life, or in a partner, and you just feel a void that you’d like to fill…

If you’re really ready to come home to love on the deepest level…

I’m here to tell you that you’re on your journey already, and you just need a little guidance and a gentle plan to get you to where the Universe knows you can go. You have the power within you to create the life and the love you want.

A private session with me can provide you with the guidance and action steps to move towards the life, love, and relationship you want, and an understanding of your opportunities and current struggles (and how to uplevel out of them). After our session, you’ll have the upcoming three months mapped out in terms of where to focus your energy, and what goals you can set your eyes on.

These session are designed to show you how to come home to who you are, and to come home to love. All authentic love that fosters growth is best cultivated when your sense of self-worth and safety are strong. This is part of what we work, regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship.

You can truly embrace your authenticity, and create the life and love you were designed to live. You will have all the knowledge you need to arrive where you belong: home, safe, with peace in your heart, the power to create what you desire, and the love that you desire and deserve.

What you get with a private session with me:

Before the private session, I will send you a questionnaire which serves as a primer for our session, so we get the most out of our time together.

During the session, you learn about your personal astrology as we look at your birth chart, which is a map of the sky at the time you were born. You will do most of the talking, as I will need to know what you’re looking for from our working together, what your current goals are, and what current patterns you’re engaged in that are keeping you out of alignment with what you’re trying to create in your life. I need to know all of it; the more details I gather, the deeper we go, the better your results.

After the session, I will send you extensive notes as well as audio on what is going on in your chart and what this tells us about what’s going on with you right now. Notes will include areas of focus, mantras to remind you of what you’re keeping your sight on, all you need to know to make the most of the upcoming New Moon cycle, and your biggest personal transits for the next 3 months.

You can choose a single session, or a package of two or three sessions at discounted rates. You can book a session through the links below. I will contact you within twenty four hours of receiving payment to schedule your session! All fees apply to both individual and relationship sessions. Each session is 45 minutes long.

1 Session: $175

2 Sessions: $300

3 Sessions: $425

I look forward to working with you! 

With Love,



Questions about working together? You may contact me directly by clicking here.