January 2019 Eclipse Season Coaching

Eclipses are a time of massive growth and change, but not all eclipses are created equal for each of us personally. Eclipse Season Coaching will show you what the January 2019 eclipses mean for you.

As we move deeper into the Capricorn and Cancer eclipse cycle this month, and also leave the Aquarius and Leo eclipse cycle, many of us may be feeling very confused and ungrounded. As we leave the old cycle we will be leaving a part of our lives behind, for good, and as we move into a new cycle, new ground is breaking and a new vision for our lives will begin to unfold.

Eclipse Season Coaching is more than just an astrology reading, as I will help you implement a wellness routine that keeps you feeling good in your body and clear in your mind. The best way to start 2019 is feeling powerful, and with the astrological guidance, you can meet the upcoming eclipse season with courage and strength.

The Leo - Aquarius eclipses aspected very important places in my birth chart, and my life looks completely different than it did in early 2017 when the cycle began. Understanding the planetary movements allowed me to meet my challenges with heart and understand that there was a beautiful design behind all of the changes that often left me spinning.

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Photo Credit: Matt Nelson