Sliding Scale Eclipse Season Email Coaching

During a private session with me, you learn about your personal astrology as we look at your birth chart, which is a map of the sky at the time you were born.

Your birth chart shows common themes in your life and how we can best navigate them. During eclipse season, we discuss how to best navigate the current changes in your life and how to meet your challenges with courage and strength! This is where you meet the magic of eclipse season.

Eclipse Season Coaching is more than astrology readings; I will work with you to develop a wellness plan that will keep you grounded physically, and strong mentally, during a time that can feel chaotic and insecure.

Eclipse season offers us a choice: we can spin, feel victimized, and go back to our old methods of coping with stress that leave us feeling stuck and sad, or we can use it as a transformational period where we meet life’s challenges with confidence, clarity, and direction. It’s the perfect time to own your most authentic desires, and learn to trust the Universe and yourself to move toward the life you want at a faster speed than usual.

In an email reading you will receive:

1 - An outline on the day of the eclipse or prior to the eclipse outlining what this eclipse means for you based on the sign, the house it’s moving through in your birth chart, as well as any aspects it’s making in your birth chart.

2 - I will answer up to 5 questions you have for me. They don’t have to be eclipse related, but chances are the eclipse will give us insight to what you are seeking clarity on!

3 - A wellness plan specific to your astrology. This is not rigid, just gentle guidelines and basic structure for nourishment.

4 - A guided meditation in both written and audio form that is based on the eclipse energy and what it’s doing in your birth chart.

If you have questions about working with me, please contact me here.

For eclipse season, I am offering a sliding scale for email readings!

Please know that I do not want to out price anybody. I know that challenging times often mean very limited budgets for many of us. For those of you who cannot expense the rates provided, I am happy to work with your budgets. If your budget doesn’t allow for a $75 email based reading, please contact me by clicking here so I can arrange payment that works within your budget.

Email based readings are offered on a sliding scale. To book your reading, please click on whichever price is appropriate for your budget.

1 Reading: $75

1 Reading: $100

1 Reading: $125

2 Readings: $150

2 Readings: $200

2 Readings: $250

I will contact you within twelve hours of receiving payment to schedule your session! 

I look forward to working with you! 

With Love,