Full Moon in Libra Relationship Healing

You will need a comfortable spot, a blanket, and a piece of paper and pen for journaling after the meditation. Enjoy!

Stream of consciousness writing after this meditation will most likely be very revealing for you; in case you’re feeling stuck or would just like some direction, I’ve included some Aries - Libra themed writing prompts for you below.

  • Are we communicating authentically in our relationships?

  • Are we trying to present ourselves in a particular way that we’d like to be perceived, but isn’t actually authentic to who we are?

  • Are we putting ourselves or our relationships in a box?

  • Is our sense of self defined by who we are in relationship with? How are you maintaining your sense of independence while being committed to another?

  • Where are we sacrificing our authenticity for the sake of pretend peace - this is the peace that isn’t peace at all, it’s simply “keeping the peace” while sacrificing your deep need of genuine peace that only comes when you are honoring your authenticity.

  • Is there something out of balance that needs to be corrected? This full moon will shine light on whatever is out of balance, and we may even see extremes exaggerated - this is your subconscious really trying to get you to see what requires some focus and healing. Pay attention, and trust yourself.