Heal Your Heart

Find a comfortable spot, a blanket, a piece of paper (or your journal), and a pen.

Stream of consciousness writing after your meditation is great. However, if you’re feeling stuck or would just like a little direction, I’ve listed some prompts for you below.

  • Are you communicating from an authentic place in our relationships?

  • Are you putting our relationship in a socially accepted box that isn’t align with what is real?

  • Where in your relationship are you settling or have you settled, and not communicated your needs?

  • Where are you sacrificing your authenticity for the sake of keeping the peace while sacrificing your deep need for genuine peace?

  • Does anything feel out of balance (this is both personally and/or within a relationship)? The full moon will shine light on whatever is out of balance, and we may even see extremes exaggerated - this is the Universe offering you an opportunity to recognize what needs to be healed!

Happy Full Moon in Libra!