Does motherhood ever leave you feeling frustrated?

Do any of your children have challenges that leave you feeling helpless as a parent?

Do you often wish you could see the world through your children’s eyes so you could best support them?

Then Astrology for Moms is a great choice for you! 

Our children are unique and their personalities are layered. Astrology shows us how to see situations through their eyes, and understanding the birth chart can provide us with the practical tools to best support our children! 

In this course you get:

- Both you and your child's sun, moon, and rising sign (I will email you within 12 hours of receiving your payment to get your birth info and deliver this information to you!). I include your information along with your children’s so that you can understand the dynamics between you all as per the worksheet I describe, below!

- An audio that explains what the sun, moon, and rising sign all represent and what this means for you and your child.

- An audio that explains every sign of the zodiac, and what you can expect from your child based on this sign being significant in their birth chart

- A worksheet that helps you understand the dynamics between you and your children, with questions for reflection so you can best process information from the course and deeper connect with your child! 

As parents, all we want to do is support our children so that they can thrive, but this can be a challenge due to social conditioning and pressures. Understanding our child's basic astrology is a powerful tool because it helps us see our children clearly so we can embrace the unique energy of who they are. We can help them meet life’s challenges with courage and heart and also tune into their unique gifts and innate strengths!

You get lifetime access to to this course for only $30! 

You can start using astrology to better your understand your child as early as today!

You build your strength as a mother when you deepen your understanding of your child. Purchase Astrology for Moms for only $30 by clicking here!

Deepen your connection with your child, and build your strength as a mother.

Deepen your connection with your child, and build your strength as a mother.