“I loved my session with Marlena! It really summed up so much of what I’ve been thinking about and having a hard time making decisions about. After hearing Marlena’s golden advice and what’s going on with my transits I feel much more clear on moving forward with some new parts of my business and feeling supported.

I also loved being able to do the session over email since I’m a busy mom. Her report was so clear and having her to support me through some big stuff was like having her in my pocket to help with all of these changes!”

-Renae Teel, Feminine Flow Coach

"I feel so good since my session, and so much more accepting of myself. Having a plan for how to approach a relationship in a way that really delineates what I need makes me feel in control. I'm also really stoked about everything Marlena shared about my career. My work has felt like it's going in the perfect direction lately, and this was extreme encouragement to keep going and growing." 

-Tara Alexandria, healer and psychic medium


"Admittedly, I've always thought astrology was some hokey thing in a small section of women's magazines. That said, I've been captivated by Marlena's writing for so long that I finally just had to work with her. It has far, far exceeded my expectations. Often, I feel pulled towards something with massive excitement and have no idea why. Working with Marlena has felt magical. She's been spot on about whatever was going on in my life at the time and all that I've learned has made Life feel more purposeful than ever. I've never had such a strong feeling of relaxed trust and flow and I can't believe I didn't figure this all out sooner."

- Rande Moss, Eating Psychology Coach 


"I have known Marlena for years now, but only recently started working with her professionally. Her astrological coaching has been both enlightening and empowering. With her guidance I have been able to refocus and better understand where I should be directing my energy. I feel stronger, less distracted, and I am taking risks I would have never thought myself capable of. Regardless of what you believe in, her guidance can only serve you. It's exciting to be able to work with someone of her knowledge and talent. I am so grateful for her insight. I finally feel like I am stepping into my own power, and I have her to thank for that. 

- Lauren Talbot, Certified Nutritionist and Author 


"Marlena's insight and energy during my relationship reading was so helpful! It felt like couple's counseling! She is so patient and wonderful at what she does! 

- Lola York